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Lord Laming stresses he has not followed in detail the Baby P case.

but the former chief inspector of social services believes that children who deliberately harm a child often go to great lengths .

Lord Laming The former chief inspector of social services

Lord Laming.

is one of the UK s most distinguished social workers.

and a veteran of government inquiries Last December he stepped down as head of the Shipman inquiry after relatives of

He also responded to Laming’s call for the Social Work Taskforce to produce guidance on maximum caseloads.

supervision and recruitment and retention for children’s social workers Balls said he had asked the taskforce’s ch

Moira Gibb.

to advise him on how Laming’s recommendations would be taken forward
and said this .

Main points of the Laming report Lord Herbert Laming today unveiled his report into the murder of child abuse victim Vi

recommendations to overhaul child protection

The Social Work Task Force should establish guidelines on guaranteed supervision time for social workers that may vary d
Schools and Families should revise Working Together to Safeguard Children to set out the elements of high quality supervision focused on case .

th 15pm.

Victoria Climbie was declared dead A post mortem scrutiny carried out by Dr Nathaniel Carey concluded she had died of

Lord Laming published The Protection of Children in England A Progress Report The report.

which was warmly welcomed by children’s services and social work leaders

recommendations These are all summarised below Strategic child protection priorities set across government and reflec

Victoria Climbi Inquiry is an exception Lord Laming is an eminent social worker
and a former Chief Inspector of Social Services.. Rustin.

in a paper ‘Conceptual analysis of critical moments in Victoria s life’ given at a Tavistock Clinic Conference on t
explored the unconscious anxieties .


workers would be needed to implement the recommendation properly. The LGA said the recommendation would increase bureaucracy for social workers and leave them less time for direct work with families and children. FUNDING. The LGA has also called for an extra 41m in funding to resource .

Laming said he admired social workers
who were incredibly committed and highly motivated .

It must be very hard for them to do that job and then have society condemn them

he said. It s not .

The main points from Lord Laming s report Directors of children s services with no child protection experience should a

After Baby P What must be done.

Social care leaders outline what Lord Laming’s inquiry into the Baby P should focus on. Victoria Climbi became synonymous with child protection failings after she was murdered in Haringey.

north London. Lord Laming’s public inquiry.

which reported.

found the eight year old was let

This Green Paper outlines the Government’s proposals for the reform and improvement of child care.

following the death of Victoria Climbie and subsequent investigations by Lord Laming and .


added “We applaud Lord Laming’s recommendation that a commissioner could oversee national standards for children’s services.

as well as being an advocate for children at the heart of the policy making process.” So the initial response to the report has been broadly favourable though there are dissenting voices. Jim Wild.


Abstract Lord Laming published The Protection of Children in England A Progress Report In his report Lord Laming

Schools and Families must provide further guidance to Local Safeguarding Children Boards on how to operate as effective

Lord Laming’s final report

published in
concluded that the child protection system failed as a result of a lamentable lack of “basic good practice” by frontline staff and.

most significantly

senior managers failing to take responsibility for the failings of their organisations

Lord Laming said the extra work involved in a public hearing made it impossible for him to continue In that same year h

from Newcastle.

is perhaps best known for his role in chairing the public inquiry into the death

With Lord Laming’s scathing criticism of services still ringing in their ears

few within the world of child protection have been prepared to put their heads above the parapet and publicly review th

writes Mark Hunter recommendations to wade through
covering policy at both

Social Care Recommendations Following his inquiry.

Lord Laming recommended a complete restructure on how a vulnerable child’s case would be handled from its initiation

It was a key plank in Lord Laming’s report into the death of Victoria Climbi

but frontline children’s social workers still complain about the lack of supervision.

writes Mark Hunter of Lord Laming’ report into the death of Victoria Climbi stated that all staff working with childr

What are Lord Laming s main recommendations. The main reforms proposed by his report are aimed at holding those in senior positions.

from the government down to local services.

to account for any .

Social workers could be driven out of the profession as a result of child protection reforms that will treble their work

the Local Government Association LGA has warned commissioned by the LGA to look at the implications of implementin
have found that extra work created by the reforms will .

Author LAMING William Herbert. Title The Victoria Climbi Inquiry report of an inquiry by Lord Laming. Publisher Stationery Office.

405p CD Rom. Abstract This details the roles of social services departments.

hospitals and health services and the police child protection teams

and discusses the results of seminars on learning from the .

in Child safeguarding

Looked after children.

Social care leaders As phase one of the Victoria Climbie Inquiry ended this week

a picture was emerging of professions that simply do not. understand each other. Lauren Revans reports. By the time the doors of the Victoria Climbie‚ Inquiry..

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